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  1. A survivor says before they got on the water the captain said life jackets were available but wouldn't be needed
  2. Duck boat survivor describes sinking
  3. Here's what we know about the people who died
  4. Survivor describes family members she lost
  5. Official says the boat changed route on day of accident

Local News

  1. With White House’s support, Kemp turns up heat on Cagle
  2. Election Prep: A breakdown of Georgia’s top runoff races
  3. Group studying transit options to get around Hartsfield area easier
  4. Pence touts Kemp as the ‘real deal’ in Georgia race for governor
  5. Big changes for metro Atlanta schools, opening soon

Business News

  1. Mondelez voluntarily recalls some U.S. Ritz cracker products
  2. Atos to buy Syntel for about $3.57 billion
  3. Wall Street braces for tariff fallout as S&P 500 companies report
  4. G20 calls for greater dialogue on trade tensions
  5. EU's Moscovici says trade differences persist after G20 talks

Chinese News
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  1. 关税增长会引发通货膨胀风险 中国有招让美国痛苦?
  2. 泼墨习近平画像:董瑶琼被强关精神病院 其父遭软禁 画家华涌被失踪
  3. 笼络非洲第一站 习近平访问塞内加尔共建“一带一路”
  4. 解放军东海强势军演剑指台湾 专家称2030年前无力武统
  5. IMF警告贸易战损全球经济 法国财长呼吁美国转变立场

Últimas Noticias

  1. Las impresionantes imágenes que deja la ola de calor que afecta al norte de Europa
  2. Quién fue Theophrastus Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim (alias Paracelso) y cómo cambió la historia de la medicina
  3. Nosotros proponemos el tema, tú envías las fotos: Refugio
  4. Henry Wickham: el hombre que le arrebató la producción de caucho al Amazonas
  5. Cómo un caracol común y corriente cambió el curso de la historia legal

German News

  1. Özils Rücktritt und das Versagen des DFB: Nicht genug integriert
  2. Frankreich: Ehemaliger Leibwächter von Präsident Macron offenbar angeklagt
  3. Antisemitismus an Schulen: "Da hatte es sich herumgesprochen, dass ich Jude bin"
  4. Nach Insolvenz: 85 Prozent der früheren Air-Berlin-Mitarbeiter haben wieder einen Job
  5. Welt-Aids-Konferenz in Amsterdam: Experte warnt vor "Krise historischen Ausmaßes"

Technology News

  1. Comic-Con 2018 trailers? We got 'em! – CNET
  2. Comic-Con cosplay emergency? These superheroes will save you – CNET
  3. Amazon is selling the NES Classic for $60 right now – CNET
  4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer amazes at Comic-Con 2018 – CNET
  5. Walking Dead season 9 gets a trailer at Comic-Con, will premiere Oct. 7 – CNET

Sport News by Fox

  1. Molinari survives wild day to win British Open
  2. Vettel admits his small mistake came at big cost for team
  3. WATCH – Galvis and Jankowski lead Padres over Phillies in Game 1
  4. Former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano passes away at 56
  5. Former Penn St women’s hoops coach Rene Portland dies at 65

Daily Jokes

  1. From Megan, age 7, Nottingham, England
    What kind of music do Mummies like?

Daily Fun Video

  1. Magic Dog Hiding Under Another Dog
    dailyhaha funny videos

  1. Baby in a Car Seat Gets Thrown Around