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DIA181.01  chart-0.34
NASDAQ5249.72  chart+7.88
S&P 5002137.73  chart-3.61
^TNX1.76  chart+0.01
BABA103.33  chart-0.52
BIOS3.055  chart+0.095
JNK36.80  chart+0.00
TIP115.9708  chart-0.0292
000001.SSN/A  chartN/A
PPLT89.45  chart-0.19
IWM121.16  chart+0.03
DGX83.92  chart-0.65
DBD22.30  chart-0.10
CPB53.195  chart+0.005
MORN74.00  chart-1.70
VEOEY21.58  chart-0.18
KO41.8501  chart-0.0799
DDD13.995  chart+0.015
AEO17.58  chart+0.08
GMCR91.67  chart+0.00
PG84.55  chart-0.38
JNJ113.755  chart-1.115
UNP91.35  chart+0.71
SVU4.51  chart+0.05
VRNT36.30  chart-0.15
CSCO30.119  chart-0.041
NYXN/A  chartN/A
WDC53.52  chart-0.34
INTU108.11  chart+0.21
APH66.145  chart-0.285
SCHW32.20  chart+0.03
BUD126.93  chart-0.51
PEP105.48  chart-0.39
JCP8.85  chart+0.19
HD126.17  chart-0.08
NVS75.35  chart-0.57
MRK61.3046  chart-0.6154
AVAV22.359  chart-0.001
DHR79.66  chart-0.52
GIS60.73  chart-0.27
2016-10-21 12:16

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