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Top News

  1. Chris Cillizza picks the best and worst of the 10th presidential debate, which was marked by contention and division among the candidates
  2. Biden and Buttigieg try to make the case that Sanders being the nominee would hurt Democrats running for Congress
  3. Buttigieg says Sanders is too radical to beat Trump
  4. Sanders defends past praise of Fidel Castro policy
  5. Fact checking the South Carolina debate

Local News

  1. The Jolt: The Kelly Loeffler-Doug Collins fight is dialed up to 11
  2. Bill would allow Georgians to always vote by mail
  3. Georgia Senate backs truth-in-tax-breaks legislation
  4. Georgia House backs budget sans many of Gov. Kemp’s proposed spending cuts; speaker calls for more tax cuts
  5. Georgia House approves bill making it clear University System doesn’t owe teacher pension plan

Business News

  1. Asian shares slump, bonds rally as virus fears grow
  2. Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block steps down, Marc Benioff to be sole chief
  3. Oil rises on short-covering despite growing fears over coronavirus
  4. AI computing startup SambaNova raises $250 million in BlackRock-led funding
  5. Musk's SpaceX rocket production facility approved by Port of Los Angeles

Chinese News
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  1. 广州声援“反送中“人士杨旭彬获刑9个月
  2. 新疆伊宁居民隔离挨饿 官员要求掏钱买物资
  3. 美方:中国已开始执行贸易协议中的农产品承诺
  4. 武汉教授痛批官媒报道:侮辱智商
  5. 疫情冲击中国楼市 数十个城市出台政策减少违约

Últimas Noticias

  1. Brasil detecta un posible caso de coronavirus, el primero en América Latina
  2. De dónde vienen los refugiados latinoamericanos que hacen de España el país con más solicitudes de asilo de la Unión Europea
  3. Primarias demócratas | "Cuando las dictaduras hacen algo bueno hay que reconocerlo": los comentarios de Bernie Sanders sobre Cuba que agitaron el debate demócrata en EE.UU.
  4. El filete de carne impreso en 3D (y otras sorprendentes cosas que ya se están creando con la tecnología)
  5. Coronavirus: por qué hay tanta urgencia por encontrar el origen animal de la epidemia

German News

  1. Peter Nygard: Vorwurf der Vergewaltigung Minderjähriger – FBI durchsucht Büros und Häuer
  2. CDU-Machtkampf: Christian Lindner lobt Armin Laschet
  3. FC Bayern München besiegt den FC Chelsea: Überzeugt von sich selbst – und sonst von niemandem
  4. TV-Debatte der US-Demokraten: Alle gegen alle
  5. Tino Chrupalla über "Malbuch": "Wer so etwas rausbringt, hat in der AfD nichts zu suchen"

Technology News

  1. All the ways Bob Iger transformed Disney as CEO – CNET
  2. Scientists accidentally discover first 'animal' that doesn't breathe oxygen – CNET
  3. How schools are using kids' phones to track and surveil them – CNET
  4. Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant could be worth a face-melting $250k – CNET
  5. Ford issues recalls for F-150 block heaters, Super Duty and E-Series rear ends – Roadshow

Sport News by Fox

  1. Jackson scores 37 to lead Toledo over Cent. Michigan 93-81
  2. Antetokounmpo leads Bucks past Raptors for 50th win
  3. Sanford has 3-point game, St. Louis beats Chicago 6-5
  4. Bucks get 50th win, beat Raptors in East finals rematch
  5. Ellis, Arvidsson score as Preds rally, beat Senators 3-2

Daily Jokes

  1. From Kaitlyn, age 12, Fairfield, MT
    What months have 28 days?

Daily Fun Video

  1. Babys First Taste Of Ice Cream
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  1. Best of Police Pranks Vol. 3 | Just For Laughs Compilation