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Top News

  1. The former top FBI lawyer said the President should also apologize to the FBI for propagating conspiracy theories after the DOJ report debunked them
  2. Takeaways from the inspector general's report into the FBI's Russia investigation
  3. Barr slams FBI as he and Durham contradict watchdog
  4. Opinion: The FBI's darkest days may lie ahead
  5. McCabe calls Trump's attacks terrifying and disgusting

Local News

  1. Kemp’s big gamble to expand the Georgia GOP
  2. Georgia revenue collections drop again amid talk of budget, tax cuts
  3. Georgia ethics chief says nonprofit gave Abrams unreported aid
  4. Kemp taps Kelly Loeffler, financial exec, to US Senate seat 
  5. Abrams campaign asks Georgia judge to deny request for more documents

Business News

  1. Insight: Honda's Hachigo seizes the wheel as quality crisis hits profits
  2. Top U.S. officials heading to Mexico in press to finalize USMCA – administration official
  3. Mexico asks Pelosi to act on trade deal, business groups wary
  4. J&J CEO Gorsky spurns U.S. congressional hearing on carcinogens in talc products
  5. Global stocks, gold little changed as trade war spurs concerns

Chinese News
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  1. 数十万港人周末上街游行 秩序总体良好
  2. 官方:秋行军虫今年入侵中国 明年可能爆发
  3. 《人民日报》建国家重点实验室 传播中共声音
  4. 外媒:北京当局下令政府和机构换掉外国品牌电脑
  5. 瑞典前驻华大使林戴安被起诉

Últimas Noticias

  1. Avión desaparecido en Chile: la Fuerza Aérea declara "estado de alerta" por pérdida de comunicaciones con una aeronave militar con 38 personas a bordo
  2. White Island: por qué permiten visitas turísticas a uno de los volcanes más activos de Nueva Zelanda
  3. Tanni Grey-Thompson, la discriminación y el rechazo que enfrenta la campeona paralímpica
  4. "Dormí en un armario de Silicon Valley durante meses para poder lanzar mi compañía tecnológica"
  5. El nacimiento en el que Jesús, María y José están separados y enjaulados (y qué tiene que ver con la política migratoria de Donald Trump)

German News

  1. Mord im Berliner Tiergarten: Putin droht Merkel mit Ausweisung deutscher Diplomaten
  2. Umfrage "Chancengerechte Bildung": Schüler halten Lehrkräfte für digitale Anfänger
  3. Buschfeuer in Australien: Sydney versinkt im Rauch
  4. Nach Druck aus Pjöngjang: USA verhindern Uno-Treffen zur Lage in Nordkorea
  5. Streit um britisches Gesundheitssystem: Boris Johnson nimmt Reporter das Handy weg – wegen Foto von krankem Jungen

Technology News

  1. Baby Yoda's cute voice created by kinkajous and big-eared foxes – CNET
  2. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, new Pokemon are finally fun again – CNET
  3. Ring's Neighbors app is revealing device locations, report says – CNET
  4. Watch NASA blow a hole in the world's largest rocket fuel tank – CNET
  5. iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, 2 months later: The ultrawide camera is still our favorite thing – CNET

Sport News by Fox

  1. Miller's Hall candidacy split MLB, just like union tenure
  2. Firefly Funhouse “Holidays with Ramblin’ Rabbit” Collector’s Box available now
  3. Vikings' defense gets back on track vs. Lions
  4. TEs Ditka, Newsome, Winslow finalists for All-Time Team
  5. Lions coach Matt Patricia is not worried about next year

Daily Jokes

  1. From Ethan, 11 years old, Arizona
    Why are the 49ers named the 49ers?

Daily Fun Video

  1. A Happy Dancing Dog
    dailyhaha funny videos

  1. Mailman Steals From Birthday Cards