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  1. The President says he misspoke during Putin press conference: 'I said the word would instead of wouldn't'
  2. See Trump contradict himself: Could be other people also
  3. Gloria Borger: Trump looked like he was in hostage tape
  4. Transcript: Read Trump's remarks on Russia comments
  5. Backlash: Senators consider options after Trump-Putin summit

Local News

  1. An endorsement highlights slight GOP shift on medical marijuana
  2. UGA donors give $242M, breaking record for fifth consecutive year
  3. Ga. lawmaker duped by Sacha Baron Cohen: This is why Trump won 
  4. Deal endorses Cagle in Georgia gov race
  5. Podcast: What the latest poll of Georgia voters says about the upcoming runoff election

Business News

  1. Air Lease, Boeing strike $9.6 billion deal for 737s and 787s
  2. Boeing lifts industry demand forecast as air show deals roll on
  3. IAG's Level airline plans budget long-haul flights from Vienna
  4. UnitedHealth tops earnings estimates, raises forecast
  5. Johnson & Johnson lowers full-year sales forecast, shares fall

Chinese News
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  1. 中国外交部说中国“入世”17年“履约守信”并批美国将国内规则凌驾世贸规则
  2. 中国官方:美国与俄罗斯改善关系不会影响中俄关系
  3. 外媒关注中共党报赞扬张爱萍 似暗示“大海(汪洋)领军”?
  4. 台湾媒体关注今年中共北戴河会议
  5. 中国官方:对太平洋岛国没有进行“恶意干涉”

Últimas Noticias

  1. Trump rectifica: ahora acepta que Rusia sí interfirió en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos en 2016
  2. Cómo es "La Bestia" de Vladimir Putin, la nueva limusina del presidente de Rusia que visitó el extranjero por primera vez
  3. Lo mejor que trae a México el Hay Festival Querétaro
  4. "Senior cohousing": la tendencia de envejecer rodeado de amigos como alternativa a las residencias (y por qué es bueno para la salud)
  5. Rusia 2018: por qué vimos el mejor Mundial de la historia (según las estadísticas)

German News

  1. Brexit: Premierministerin May wendet Niederlage um Zollunion ab
  2. Nach Kritik: Präsident Trump räumt russische Einmischung in jüngster US-Wahl ein
  3. Regierungsgewalt in Nicaragua: "Operation Säuberung"
  4. Obama-Rede zu Mandelas 100. Geburtstag: "Wir befinden uns an einem Scheideweg"
  5. Wahlkampfmanipulation: Führender Republikaner widerspricht Trump

Technology News

  1. Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: Storage, SSD and flash drives – CNET
  2. The best Prime Day deals of 2018: The Cheapskate's picks – CNET
  3. Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: Phones, cases, accessories, Galaxy Note 8, Essential phone, Moto G6 – CNET
  4. Best remaining Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: Smart home and networking – CNET
  5. Verizon will no longer activate your old 3G-only phone – CNET

Sport News by Fox

  1. Tom Stephens, original Patriot and 2-way player, dies at 82
  2. MLB union chief says discussion needed on legalized gambling
  3. Indianapolis to host 2026 Final Four
  4. Michigan State board approves school’s athletic director
  5. Dan Holgorsen on Handling the Hype | Big 12 Media Days

Daily Jokes

  1. From Diana, 12 years old, Texas
    What do you call two spiders who have just gotten married?

Daily Fun Video

  1. 25 Sleeping Pranks
    dailyhaha funny videos

  1. Little Girls Taking Tequila Shots