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Top News

  1. New revelations heap pressure on a handful of GOP senators that are wavering in the fight over witnesses
  2. What the Bolton news could mean for the trial
  3. Reporter: Fox News inoculating viewers from Democrats' case
  4. Analysis: It just got a lot harder to vote against witnesses
  5. After interview: Pompeo screamed obscenities at a reporter

Local News

  1. Top Georgia senator: math isn’t there for another income tax cut right now
  2. MLK service: Calls for unity. peace amid political discord
  3. Amazon to build new warehouse in Newnan, adding 500 jobs
  4. Kemp’s budget may make it harder to cut Georgia income tax rate again in 2020
  5. Kemp proposes $2,000 raise for Georgia teachers despite fiscal issues

Business News

  1. Travel, tech stocks lead Wall St. lower as China virus fears mount
  2. J&J chief testifies he did not read all documents related to asbestos in talc
  3. Stocks slide to two-week low on China virus fears, safe havens gain
  4. Oil falls 3% to three-month low as China virus threatens demand
  5. J&J CEO to testify at trial for first time on Baby Powder risks

Chinese News
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  1. 美国务院再次警告 避免前往中国疫情地区
  2. 加拿大确诊首例新型肺炎病例 夫妇两人感染
  3. 北京、武汉律师联署:要求警方公开“造谣”处罚依据
  4. 快讯: 中国新型冠状病毒肺炎死亡人数升至82人
  5. 斯里兰卡确诊首例新型肺炎病例 患者为中国游客

Últimas Noticias

  1. Duolingo: Luis von Ahn, el latinoamericano que le enseña un nuevo idioma a 300 millones de personas
  2. Muere Kobe Bryant: lo que se sabe del accidente de helicóptero en el que murió la leyenda de la NBA junto a su hija de 13 años y otras 7 personas
  3. Kobe Bryant: el mundo del deporte rinde tributo a la leyenda del baloncesto
  4. Coronavirus: los hospitales que China construirá en tiempo récord para frenar el avance de la epidemia
  5. Kobe Bryant: cómo es el helicóptero Sikorsky S-76 en el que se estrelló la leyenda de la NBA

German News

  1. Fall Jeffrey Epstein: US-Staatsanwalt bezeichnet Prinz Andrew als unkooperativ
  2. Auschwitz-Gedenken: "Da war ich schon dem Tod geweiht"
  3. Brexit-Experte: "Der Hard Brexit ist nicht vom Tisch"
  4. "Elternschule": Nominierung für Grimmepreis löst erneute Debatte aus
  5. Kobe Bryant, bester Basketballer seiner Zeit – eine Würdigung

Technology News

  1. Two old satellites could collide over US, space debris tracker warns – CNET
  2. No, these YouTube videos don't show Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash – CNET
  3. Tom Hiddleston falls on his face in training vid for Marvel's Loki show on Disney Plus – CNET
  4. Galaxy S20, Z Flip, Galaxy Buds Plus: Everything we expect from Samsung's Feb. 11 event – CNET
  5. DC Comics has its own super hero-themed credit cards – CNET

Sport News by Fox

  1. Blue Jackets sign forward Robinson for 2 more years
  2. Staley's patience pays off with 49ers trip to Super Bowl
  3. Baylor remains No. 1 in AP Top 25 with few changes at top
  4. POLL ALERT: Baylor remains No. 1 in AP Top 25 as top 7 teams unchanged; LSU, Wichita State, Penn State rejoin poll
  5. Doug Gottlieb reflects on Kobe Bryant’s growth throughout his NBA career

Daily Jokes

  1. From Nina, age 16, Indiana
    What’s brown and sticky?

Daily Fun Video

  1. Hilarious Video Of Baby Attempting To Eat Banana While Wearing Floaties

  1. Bad Parents, Evil Mailmen, & The Worst Kind of Joke | JFL Throwback Pranks