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Top News

  1. Footage shows operative in Washington Post journalist's clothes walking around Istanbul after he was killed
  2. Saudi royals offer condolences to family of slain journalist
  3. Saudi official: Khashoggi was murdered, but it was a mistake
  4. Saudi Arabia tries to salvage investment conference
  5. Footage shows Khashoggi's final hours

Local News

  1. Campaigns target Georgia’s absentee voters
  2. Trump ratchets up support for ‘great governor’ Kemp ahead of midterm
  3. Early voting triples in first week for Georgia midterm
  4. Spouses of foreign workers could lose ability to work under immigration rule change
  5. Clark Atlanta University president to resign in December

Business News

  1. CBS interim chairman resigns from board
  2. Institutional investors turn their backs on Australian banks
  3. Fiat Chrysler agrees to sell Magneti Marelli to Calsonic Kansei: sources
  4. Bombardier sues Mitsubishi jet program over trade secrets
  5. With market on edge, investors look to tech trio

Chinese News
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  1. 709王全璋案:代理律师刘卫国退出案件代理
  2. 中日拟在安倍访华时重启舰艇互访
  3. 面对中国打压 蔡英文称台湾主权不能妥协
  4. 美官员称美朝第二次首脑峰会可能在明年初举行
  5. 湖北京山维权人士鲍乃刚因进京维权遭刑拘

Últimas Noticias

  1. Jamal Khashoggi: Arabia Saudita dice que el periodista murió debido a un "error enorme" en el consulado durante una "pelea"
  2. El ataque verbal racista en un vuelo de Ryanair de un hombre blanco que no quería viajar junto a una mujer negra
  3. "Salva la vida en la Tierra": Mijaíl Gorbachov critica la retirada de EE.UU. del tratado nuclear con Rusia
  4. Caravana de migrantes: "¡Ayúdenos, no nos regresen!", miles ya caminan por México
  5. Bellingcat: el sitio web que saca a la luz los mayores secretos del mundo

German News

  1. Nach langjähriger Untersuchung: Australien entschuldigt sich bei Opfern sexuellen Missbrauchs
  2. Großbritanniens EU-Austritt: Brexit-Deal steht laut May zu 95 Prozent
  3. Ermittlungsverfahren in Frankreich: Schüler bedroht Lehrerin mit Pistolenattrappe
  4. Bekannter norwegischer Widerstandskämpfer: Joachim Rønneberg ist tot
  5. Polen: Regierungspartei PiS legt bei Regionalwahlen zu

Technology News

  1. Watch NASA release 450,000 gallons of water in 1 minute – CNET
  2. 'Robots for everyone' in 5 years, says Japan's most valuable tech startup – CNET
  3. Watching the world's best Tetris players will make your brain melt – CNET
  4. NASA named new constellations after The Incredible Hulk and Godzilla – CNET
  5. Star Wars Resistance episode 4: Fuel for the Fire shows dangers of the Colossus – CNET

Sport News by Fox

  1. Weekend Sports in Brief
  2. Cora has put players 1st during Red Sox run to World Series
  3. World Series Bark Park: Porcello's pup romps around Fenway
  4. ICYMI in NFL Week 7: Kaepernick, social issues back in news
  5. Borrego: Hiring female coaches shows NBA trending right way

Daily Jokes

  1. From Halley, age 8, Chicago,U.S.
    What do you call a penguin that likes to write?

Daily Fun Video

  1. Incredible Video Shot Inside The Eye Of Hurricane Michael

  1. Invisible Biker Prank on Strangers