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Top News

  1. Trump balked at a military strike against Iran, but US sanctions may merely be a slower path to war
  2. Iran accuses US of lying about wanting to resume talks
  3. Trump contradicts what Pompeo said just last week
  4. Analysis: What shooting down a US drone tells us about Iran
  5. Iran threatens to shoot down more US aircraft

Local News

  1. McBath amends disclosure form to show much higher net worth last year
  2. State to reinstate Medicaid benefits to Georgians who lost them
  3. After 40 years of rail service, MARTA poised for expansion
  4. Georgia guaranteed lower interest rates to borrow $1 billion for construction projects
  5. Doraville police chief to replace indicted Georgia commissioner

Business News

  1. Disney in talks to invest in Indonesia's largest media firm: source
  2. UK watchdog wants more detail on Facebook's Libra coin plan
  3. European watchdogs demand detail on Facebook's cryptocurrency
  4. Traton trading at mid-point of IPO range in gray market
  5. Futures lower on Iran tensions, trade worries

Chinese News
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  1. 中国限制《你可听到人民在歌唱》
  2. 周永康儿媳为香港点赞
  3. “中国经济增长将达6.3%” 原来是清华
  4. 美国将制裁伊朗哈梅尼的钱包
  5. 香港摄影记者协会罢免其主席

Últimas Noticias

  1. 10 años de la muerte de Michael Jackson: “Siempre será el rey del pop y siempre habrá una sombra de sospechas sobre él”
  2. La "gigantesca" reserva de agua dulce hallada bajo el océano Atlántico (y qué esperanzas brinda para las zonas áridas del planeta)
  3. Los sofisticados trucos que usan los médicos para desenmascarar a los criminales que fingen estar locos o tener amnesia
  4. Por qué el bitcoin superó los US$11.000 (y cuánto influye realmente la libra de Facebook)
  5. Caso Alcàsser, el crimen con el que se construyó el "relato del terror sexual" en España

German News

  1. Nordrhein-Westfalen: 40 Polizei-Einsätze wegen Hochzeiten in einer Woche
  2. Black-out: Ausfall des Telefonnetzes – Niederländischer Notruf stundenlang nicht erreichbar
  3. Umfrage unter Bürgermeistern: Zahl der Angriffe auf Kommunalpolitiker steigt
  4. Extreme Temperaturen: Wegen drohender Hitzeschäden – Sachsen-Anhalt verhängt Tempolimits auf Autobahnen
  5. "Eurofighter"-Absturz: Wrackteil verfehlt Kindergarten nur knapp

Technology News

  1. BMW will now launch 25 new electrified models by 2023 – Roadshow
  2. 5G phones are here: Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, LG V50, Moto Z4 and more – CNET
  3. Huawei ban: Full timeline on how and why its phones are under fire – CNET
  4. Meet 'Lucy,' BMW's EV development car with over 7,000 pound-feet of torque – Roadshow
  5. BMW Vision M Next concept reminds us there's room in the future for fun – Roadshow

Sport News by Fox

  1. Wladimir Klitschko rescued at sea after yacht fire off Spain
  2. IOC president cautions against profit-driven sports events
  3. Brazilian defender Jean Lucas signs with Lyon
  4. White Sox take 3-game slide into matchup with Red Sox
  5. Cincinnati Reds to visit the Los Angeles Angels

Daily Jokes

  1. From Eliza H, age 10, South Bend, Indiana
    A little girl is sitting in the kitchen, eating a popsicle. Her mom walks in behind her and scares her so she drops it. What does she have?

Daily Fun Video

  1. 1984 – Jordache Jeans – The Jordache Look Commercial

  1. Royal Guard Flashes Tourists