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If you start a new topic or want your information to stand out, you should create a new post. Even though you can add your information in the comment area, comments are not normally shown nor categorized. Comments are visible only by clicking that particular post.

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Adding a new […]

How I Selected my Basement Finishing Contractor

After several years of deliberation, I decided it’s time for me to finish my basement in 2009. However, I could not work on it myself even though I would like to. I would select a remodeling contractor.

I asked my friends for recommendations. Two of the recommended companies came to see my basement. The first […]

Run Ubuntu Nautilus (File Browser) as Super User

If you need to move files in Ubuntu, the GUI based Nautilus is a big help. However, if you need to move files across user permissions, you need to run Nautilus as super user. I just figured out one way to do it: Open a Terminal window. Type “GKsudo” in the Terminal Window On the […]