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Comfort Inn – Foxboro, MA

Description: The Comfort Inn in Foxboro was one of the three chain hotels around Foxboro/Mansfield area (Holiday Inn, Court Yard Marriott). It was a colonial style building. The room was comfortable. Some rooms had microwave and refrigerator. However, you need to request a room with such equipment or you would get […]

How to Enable Mod_Rewrite in Ubuntu


There are several packages I used require Apache2 module mod_rewrite. I had problem to enable it for a long time. I could not find a clean answer on how to do it. Finally, I figured it out. Here are the steps. Here is a screen shot of the phpinfo.php

Enable Mod_Rewrite Steps:

1. […]

Beckhoff EL3102 – 2 Analog Inputs +/- 10 V Differential Module

EL1018 Wiring Diagram You can get the wiring diagram from Beckhoff Information System or from the module itself. It is troublesome to shut down power and pull the module out just to look at its wiring diagram. I uploaded it here. Hopefully other electricians do not need to go through the same trouble as I […]