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How to Install Ubuntu 9.10 on VirtualPC 2007

Introduction: VirtualPC 2007 is a free program from Microsoft. You can use VirtualPC to run other operating system in your Windows machine. See How to Install and User VirtualPC 2007 for more details. Ubuntu is a version of Linux. It prides itself of a complete package and regular update every six months. See for […]

How to Install and Use VirtualPC 2007

Introduction Virtual PC 2007 is a free program from Microsoft. You can use the program to setup multiple operating environments (guest systems) in your computer (host system). You can run different operating systems such as Linux, Windows 2000, Windows 95 or other as the guest systems. Or you can just run a non-English version of […]

How to find and change Linux Directory Owner

Find Directory’s Owner: You can use getfacl to see it. example

$ getfacl /etc/ Result: # file: etc #owner: root #group: root user:: rwx group:: r-x other:: r-x

You can also use setfacl to set ACL permission.

Change Directory owner: Use chown to change a directory’s owner. Be sure that you has the privilege to […]