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Beijing International Airport


Beijing International Airport (PEK) is also called Beijing Capital International Airport in China. You can see (BCIA) logos around terminals. It is the main air portal to the capital of China. It locates at the north east of Beijing, about 20 miles away from the city. There are airport express train to connect the […]

Chinese High Speed Train

China built the current highest speed bullet train system in the world. The commercial trains run about half the speed of commercial airline. For curiosity’s sake, I decided to try a 1,000 km leg from Wuhan to Guangzhou. The ticket price for the bullet train was about the same as the airline ticket.

The […]

How to install CURL Package on Ubuntu 9.10


CURL is a package for command line transferring data tool with URL multiple protocol. Some php software uses it to get information. However this package is not include in the standard Ubuntu 9.10 package. There are several packages available. However, if you have problem with your LAMP server, then you should install the package […]