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How to continue AT&T’s Service without lock in for another two years

My AT&T’s cell phone dropped dead while I was out of town. The cell phone was one of my life lines when I traveled. I located an AT&T store. However, 95% of the phones they offered were smart phones. Each of them required an add on data plan and a two year contract. However, […]

How to Set IP Address with Lantronix XPort

Description Lantronix XPort is very popular with device makers. It can put device on the Ethernet network. It can also do translation from TCP/IP to RS-232. However, it is a headache to setup its IP address if your vendor does do it in their plant.

Solution There is ARP command you can use to give […]

How to Enable Windows 7 Home Premium to Access Windows 2000 File Share


A Windows 7 Home Premium 64 computer could not access a Windows 2000 shared files.


After some search on the Internet, I realized that this was a common problem with Windows 7 Home Premium computers. Luckly, some people already figured out a solution. You need to update Windows 7’s registry to add a […]