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Guangzhou Chimelong Animal Safari Park

I visited multiple animal safari parks and zoos, such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Atlanta Zoo, Pine Mountin Animal Safari park in Georgia, Guangzhou Zoo… When my friend recommended Chimelong Animal Safari Park in Guangzhou, I did not expect it to top my past experience. Well I was wrong. Chimelong safari park was […]

Cheat Sheet on how to solve Rubik’s Cube


It took me forever to solve a Rubik’s cube. Finally, I turned to Internet for some help. There were a lot of help. Now I can almost solve it by myself. However, I keep forget some steps. Below is my cheat sheet.


It is easy to solve one face. Put the solved face […]

What are Names of Marquip DECC Buttons


Marquip DECC (Dry End Cell Controller) is very popular in corrugating plants in United States. However, not many operators know the proper names of the six buttons in the DECC panel. I found an older DECC with official English lables on top of each button. That makes my communication with Marquip Engineers and plant […]