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How to Change Host File


If you want to test your website without modify your domain name server (DNS), you can change your host file in your computer. When computer is connecting to a website, it first checks its local host file. If the website is in its host file, it does not ask a public domain name server […]

How to create Windows Desktop Shortcut to Specific Web Page


You can create a bookmark in Firefox or favorite in Internet Explorer to access your frequently visited web page. However, there is a quicker way to access a web page – Windows desktop shortcut. Double click on the shortcut starts up the application with the right web page.

Steps to Create Desktop Shortcut to […]

How to Disable ATM card’s Credit Card Feature


Most of the banks only issue ATM card double as Credit card now. This kind of fake credit card do provide convenient to any one without a credit card. However, it adds extra risk on top of normal credit card. The risk includes:

When vendors put a hold on some money in your bank […]