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Find Out Your IP Address


Any computer connects to a Ethernet has a unique IP address. If your computer is also on the Internet, then it also has a public IP address in addition to its private address. Here are steps to find your computer’s IP address.

Steps to find Your Computer’s IP Address

This are steps for […]

Setup SyncToy to Backup Files Automatically


You want to backup file automatically with SyncToy.


You can setup SyncToy to run automatically. Here are the steps:

Setup SyncToy Folder Pairs Use Control Panel to Access “Scheduled Tasks”

Scheduled Sync – Scheduled Tasks

Add a new Scheduled Task

Scheduled Sync – Add Scheduled Tasks

Select SyncToyCmd.exe as […]

How to Backup Files with Microsoft SyncToy


You want to backup your files automatically for low cost.


Microsoft SyncToy is a free program which you can setup to backup your files automatically. Here are the steps.

Download SyncToy from Microsoft’s PowerToys web page. Click on the download file and proceed with installation. Start up SyncToy and create your folder pairs. […]