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How to add Existing Hard Drive to VirtualBox


You copied existing virtual hard drive from other computer. However, you VirtualBox does not see it.


You need to add the virtual hard drive with VirtualBox media manager (under File in VirtualBox) first. Then VirtualBox recognizes the existing hard drive.

Add Virtual Media in Virtual Media Manager


Break Even Analysis of Medical School Education

Introduction A recent article on Money mangzine listed the 20 highest-paying jobs in America. Seven of the top 10 jobs are in medical field. Here is the list:

Rank Description Median Pay Top Pay 1 Anesthesiologis $290,000 $393,000 2 General Surgeon $260,000 $412,000 3 Emergency Room Physician $250,000 $368,000 4 Obstetrician / Gynecologist $210,000 $313.000 […]

How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)


VirtualBox is a cross platform emulation tool. It allows one operating system to run on other operating system. For example, you can run Windows XP as a guest operating system in Ubuntu. Most of the posts on Internet show steps in modifying aptitude sources then use apt (Advance Package Tool) to install it. However, […]