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How to Restore Acer Computer with eRecovery


Most Acer laptops and netbooks shipped with eRecovery feature. It stored its operating system and your computer’s drivers software in a hidden partition on the hard drive. My Acer laptop did not come with CDs. So if you did not make a backup CD, you will lost all your Acer programs and drivers […]

How to Add Function Block in TwinCAT Structure Text


Adding Function Block in Beckhoff TwinCAT structure text is not as straight forward as it should be in version 2.11 and before. There are some trick steps.

Steps to Add Function Block in Structure Text

Move cursor to programing area where you want to add a function block.

Function Block in Struture […]

Beckhoff Communication Error Capture


If one of the cards in a daisy-chained Beckhoff system has problem, the problem can cascade upward and cause whole system to hang up. In order to identify the problem node, we need to log which card causes the problem. The problem card normally shows up as not in operating mode (OP) with lot […]