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Protected: Is American Superconductor (AMSC) a good buy at $13.31?

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Snippets of Traveling in China

Power Outlet China uses 220 VAC power with 60Hz. The picture below shows typical power outlet in China. Make sure your computer and other electronic equipments can handle Chinese power and its outlet. If not, you should get a power converter before you leave for China.

China 220V Power Outlet

Country Side China […]

How to prepare for Future High Tax and High Inflation in United States

Inflation is Coming

Ben Bernanke announced that second round of quantitative easing (QE2) in November 3, 2010. Fed will print $600 billion dollars and use them to purchase bonds in the open market. QE2 supposes to fight deflation. However, it raises the potential of high inflation if Ben Bernanke over-shot the target. There are signs […]