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Black and silver bridesmaid dresses

What color is the latest fashion trend in 2011 ? Black, white or silver? Nope, The latest fashion trend is the color combination. The color combination is is the most shining star in the fashion clothing arena now.

John Belly worked out a new style of black and silver discount bridesmaid wedding dress in this […]

Evening dress

The lady’s discount evening wedding dress refers to the formal dress which is dressed in some special occasions. Generally, evening dress is designed to be naked shoulder and bare back. The design emphasizes to display waist limb and outstanding hip of female. In order to cater to the gorgeous atmosphere of the night, silk and […]

My Solution to Failed to connect to FTP Server in wordpress Problem


WordPress installation display error “Failed to connect to FTP Server” when you try to update plugins and it displays a form requesting web site name, user name and password.


You need to change your wordpress directory’s owner to web server. For my Linux installation, the web server is: www-data

Use this command to […]