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Trane Furnace Diagnostic LED Code

Trane XR80 furnace provides a LED on its integrated furnace control for quick diagnostic. Here is its diagnostic code:

LED Flash Error Flashing Slow Normal No Call for Heat Flashing Fast Normal Call for Heat Continuous On Replace Control Continuous Off Check Power 2 Flashes External Lockout (Retries or Recycles Exceeded) 3 Flashes Pressure […]

Intermatic Indoor Digital Timer Model DT3 Operating Instructions

Introduction I have several Intermatic DT3 Indoor Digital Timers. I kept losing their operating instruction. I couldn’t find the instruction anywhere on the web.

Finally I located one in my storage area. Since I will need it next year, instead of put the instruction somewhere I can not find, I put it here, where it […]

United States Income Distribution and Middle Class

According to US Census Bureau, middle class is defined as families with income in middle three income quintiles. In 2010, income level for each quin tile is:

Quin tile Lowest Income Share of US Household Income 5th $99,891 50.3% 4th $62,150 23.1% 3rd $39,211 14.6% 2rd $20,699 8.5% 1rd — 3.3%

If you household income […]