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Real Life Sample of PID Control

PID control is short for Proportional (P), Integrated (I) and Derivative (D) control. This is common in industrial control application. Control function for PID control is:

PID Function

The formula looks formidable. But people use PID control in every day life. Driving is a daily example. Say your car speed is 45 […]

How to Save Editor Project in Download to Magelis Touch Screen

You can download Editor Project to Magelis touch screen in Vijeo Editor. To do it, you need to set “Include Editor Project” option in General Target Tab.

Download Editor Project to Touch Screen Option

How to Extract Data from MS SQL Server to Excel


MS SQL server is a powerful database engine. However, it is hard to extract all data from a table out for backup or for analysis. MS SQL Management Studio does offer tools to export data, even one to export data to Excel. However, not every one has Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. And if […]