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How to find Cabinet Key for Office Furnature?

When you lost your key to office furniture, you can call its manufacturer for a replacement key – providing you know your lock number. Some lock manufacturers stamp lock number on the outside of the lock.

Cabinet Lock Number

The picture above shows lock number as “HM277”, which is Herman Miller lock […]

How to Save Project Communication Path in RSLogix 500 Application File?


Occasional RSLogix 500 users want to use “Go Online” to get online with Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC) instead of using the more complex “Comm” menu to select the controller.


Anyone who saves the RSLogix 500 application can instruct RSLogix 500 program to save the project communication path with the application file (as […]

Common SQL Statements

Adding Comments to SQL Statements

In line comment start with two –, example Select StudentName from Student where ID=’5′ –This shows student name with student ID 5;

Block or Multi-Line comment with /* and */, example /* This shows student name with student ID 5 */ Select StudentName from Student where ID=’5′;

Select Command Select […]