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How to Save Project Communication Path in RSLogix 500 Application File?


Occasional RSLogix 500 users want to use “Go Online” to get online with Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC) instead of using the more complex “Comm”  menu to select the controller.


Anyone who saves the RSLogix 500 application can instruct RSLogix 500 program to save the project communication path with the application file (as shown in figure 1). As long as the computer has same RSLinx communication node, user can use “Go Online” (as shown in figure 3) to go online.

Communication - Save Path to Project by checking "Apply to Project" in lower right hand corner

Figure 1 – Save Path to Project

You can verify project communication path in comm path under Controller property

Verify Saved communication path in Controller Property

Figure 2 – Project Path Saved

Use “Go Online ” to go online with controller.

Figure 3 - Go Online

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