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How to view another user’s calender in Gmail?


If another user grant you the right to see her calender in Gmail, you can merge her calender with your.

Steps to view another user’s calender in Gmail

You need to get another user’s permission to see her calender. Log in to your Gmail account. Click on Calender at the upper left hand […]

How to un-clog bath tub?

Most bath tub is clogged by hair. A plumber’s snake is a great tool to remove hair in the drain. However, some tub constructions do not allow the snake to get inside the drain hole. In situation like this, if there is a tub access cover, you can put the snake through the access cover […]

How to Change Adept Robot Motion Block-10?

Adept Robot Motion Block -10 (MB-10) is new amplifier for Adept Robot’s motor. It has external EEPROM to store calibration data (right hand of picture). So replacing a MB-10 amplifier is much easier than older models. However, there are eight connectors for the motion block. They should be dis-connected outside of the amplifier before MB-10 […]