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How to Enable DeviceNet Pass Through in Allen-Bradley 1746-SDN Module?


Allen-Bradley DeviceNet Scanner for SLC supports DeviceNet pass through with firmware 4 and above. DeviceNet pass through is a convenient way to configure and debug DeviceNet. However, only 1746-SDN module with firmware 4.0 or above supports pass through (see article on how to upgrade 1746-SDN module’s firmware). Programmer should also set up the […]

How to add a Self Repeating Timer in Excel Visual Basic for Application?


Sometime I need to repeat some tasks automatically in Excel. I missed the Timer function in Visual Basic. After struggled for some time, I figured out how to do it in Visual Basic for Application (VBA).

Self Repeating Timer in Excel VBA

The code below is the self repeating timer. TimerActive is a global […]

How to Enable Developer Tab in Excel 2010?


Excel comes with Visual Basic for Application (VBA) development environment. VBA is very handy to create custom code for Excel. However, standard 2010 Excel installation hides the development tab the ribbon as shown below.

Excel without Developer Tab in Ribbon

Steps to show Development Tab in Ribbon

Go to File -> Option […]