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How to Solve WonderWare Error “The Application Cannot be Edited…”


WonderWare can not open an application. It shows error message “The application cannot be edit. Process “” on computer “” is editing this application”.


This is not an application edit lock issue (see WonderWare InTouch Window Maker Application Edit Lock) . Error message does not show “WindowMaker” on computer “??” is […]

How to add Automatic configuration Script for Internet Access in Windows


Some companies want to control internal computers’ Internet access. If any internal computer is not configured to use Automatic Configuration Script, it can not access the Internet

Steps to Add Automatic Configuration Script

You need to obtain automatic configuration script location either from your network administrator or from a working computer (see steps below) […]

Ultimate Setup for Plant vs Zombie Survival Endless

Ultimate Survival Endless Setup

Plant vs Zombie is a fun game. But to achieve forty flags on Survival Endless is a formidable challenge. After multiple trials and errors, and some additional researches, I found the setup below is the ultimate setup for achieve forty flags and beyond. The trick is plant as many as sun […]