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How to create Dynamic Formula in Excel to Read WonderWare Tag Values?


WonderWare is a widely used Human Machine Interface (HMI) in manufacturing floor. However, it can be hard to debug due to its lag of debugging tools. The problem can be worse if programmer uses dynamic tag. On way to see tag values is using DDE in Excel. For dynamic tag, Excel VBA can be […]

How to check Linux Hardware in Terminal Mode?

It is easy to check hardware configuration on desktop version of Linux. There is software package for it. It is harder to do in terminal mode, such as Linux server. But there is a built in command: dmidecode. This command dumps DMI (Desktop Management Interface), which is also known as BIOS. You can find hardware […]

How to Setup Fidelity Account for Stock Dividend Re-investment?


Stock dividend re-investment is a good way to take emotion out of investment. When stock price goes down, dividend purchases more share. Fidelity stock brokerage account defaults to no dividend re-investment. But it can be setup for dividend re-investment.

Setting up Dividend Rev-investment

Log into your brokerage account. Select “Update Account/Feature” under Accounts & […]