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How to use CompactFlash card to Up Grade ControlLogix Firmware?


New ControlLogix shipped with older firmware from factory. If your application use newer firmware, you need to upgrade the system’s firmware. You can use ControlFlash to upgrade firmware. Or you can upgrade firmware from RSLogix5000 download. However, the best and fastest way to upgrade firmware is through CompactFlash card.

How to use CompactFlash […]

How to pull information from a selected row in iFix alarm summary object?


Pulling a selected row information in iFix Summary Object seem impossible. There are just several events in that object. However, with some codes, it can be done.

Code to pull information frow a selected row

Alarm Summary Object’s GetSelectedRow method can pull information out from the selected row.

Sample code below:

Private Sub AlarmSummary_Click() […]

How to move Word table from off page onto page?


When paste an Excel spreadsheet to Word 2010 as a table, some columns extend beyond the page margin. Stretching the column line can not move the last column onto the page. This problem can be seemed in the picture below.


Highline the last column. Right click the mouse and select AutoFit Now […]