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How to restore BIOS on a broken BIOS Dell computer


BIOS, the Basic Input Output System is the link between computer hardware and software. If it is broken, the computer just died. My old Dell Latitude D610’s BIOS was broken when I tried to upgrade its BIOS to version 6. It became a brick. I spent countless hours on it without any success until […]

How to enable out going call on MajicJack


MajicJack is a compact voice over Internet protocol appliance. MajicJack enables a regular wire phone to make Internet phone call with no or extremely low cost.Original MajicJack attaches to PC’s USB port. MajicJack Plus can be used with power and an Ethernet cable, which is more convenient. However, MajicJack plus’ users may experience problem […]

How to show different time phasor diagram with oscillography data in Viewpoint UR Engineering?


Oscillography and phasor diagram are two powerful tools to troubleshoot power issue in GE Viewpoint UR Engineering. After you load an oscillography, you can click on the Phasor button (circled in red in the picture below) to turn on the phasor diagram. There is a green line, which ties to the phasor diagram with […]