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How to convert month in text format to date in Excel?


How to convert month in text format such as “Feb” or “February” to Excel acceptable date?


Excel provides month function. However, it errors out when it is used as =month(“Feb”). The trick is adding 1 to the end of the text so the formula becomes =month(“Feb” & 1). Excel takes month function […]

Is Nissan Leaf a good deal for Georgian?

Atlanta was the #2 market for electric car in America, second only to San Francisco in 2013, according to Atlanta Journal and Constitution. There are a lot of Nissan Leaf cars on Atlanta’s streets. Leaf owners boast that Leaf is a good car. Nissan Leaf has 100 miles range per change. If ones daily driving […]

How to format month to short month in Excel 2010?


Need to format date in Excel to short month such as 01Feb2014?


This is a not a standard format. However, one can use custom format in Excel. The code is “ddMMMyyyy”


Format a date the way you want