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How to fix losing WIFI connection problem?


I replaced my old AT&T router with an Arris BGW210-700 router last month. Since then, my computers constantly loses WIFI connection and then they re-connected in about a minute. That was fine for working on Word document online. But it was painful to watch a movie or work via VPN.

Here is my router’s hardware information:

Root Cause

The old router did not have this problem. I suspected there was channel interference in my house. Arris BGW210-700 has channel automatic selection feature that it can jump to a new channel. Normally this is a good. However, if there are other devices in the frequency range that can change its channel as well, this becomes a game of changing channels. Computers lost connection while BGW210 jumps channel.


After you access the BGW210-700 web page, you can go to its WIFI page and check for Channel setting (circled below). The default is Automatic. Click on the button “Find Best Channel” and record the new channel selected that shown on the top of the page. Click “Find Best Channel” button for twenty times and pick the channel that is selected the most. Then change the Channel to the most selected one and save it.


After switched off the “Automatic” Channel option and used the most selected channel (channel 6 in my case), I was able to watch two movies without WIFI dropping connection at all.

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