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A Cheaper Roundup Alternative

Back Ground

I have been using Roundup for more than ten years to control weed in my lawn. It works well. However, the price of Roundup is high. Recently, when I browsed Walmart’s garden section, I noticed the Eliminator brand Weed and Grass Killer. Upon close inspection, it has the same ingredients as Roundup with 50.2% Glyphosate, Isopropylamine Salt as active ingredient. But Eliminator is 58% cheaper.

A Cheaper Roundup Alternative – Eliminator


Square’s Cash Card Boosts are Great!

I learned about Square’s Cash Card Boosts when I researched Square. The Boosts gives the Cash Card user instant cash, Square pays the Boost amount to the seller and the Cash Card user pays the remaining portion. Some of the Boosts are as high as 20%. This deal is too good to pass. So I asked my friend to invite me to CashApp.

Cash App Invitation Bonus

If an existing CashApp user invites a new user into CashApp, when the new user links her CashApp to a bank debit card and she sends someone at least $5, both the invitor and invitee receive $10 invitation bonus from Square. That is a nice bonus to start off with CashApp.

Cash Card

To receive the Boosts, the user needs to apply for a Cash Card – a debit card from Square (actually it is from Sutton Bank). User can order the Cash Card directly from the CashApp. Just click on the rectangle icon at the bottom of the app and follow the on screen instruction. If the user selects the basic debit card, the card is free. The basic black Cash Card is elegant. It took five days for my Cash Card to show up in my mail box.

Cash Card Boosts

For the first week, there are multiple useful Boosts to save money. Here is the list of boosts for cash card in my first week:

  • Earn 5% worth of Bitcoin on 3 purchases
  • 10% off Each DoorDash Order
  • 5% Off one GOAT Purchase
  • 15% off any one Restaurant Purchase
  • 15% Off each XBox Purchase
  • 15% Off each PlayStation Network Purchase
  • 20% off Each Dunkin’ Purchase
  • 15% Off Each Chipotle Purchase
  • 20% Off One Lyft Purchase
  • 15% Off Each Chick-Fil-A Purchase
  • 15% Off Each Domino’s Purchase
  • 15% Off Each Taco Bell Purchase
  • 5% Off Each Any Grocery Store Purchase
  • 10% Off Each Wendy’s Order
  • 10% Off Each CVS Purchase
  • 10% Off Each Chewy Order
  • 15% Off One HomeDepot Purchase with maximum discount of $7.50
  • 15% Off One WalMart Purchase with maximum discount of $7.50
  • 15% off One Walgreen Purchase with maximum discount of $7.50

To use the Boost, user needs to select the Boost in Cash App. User can swap the Boost multiple times per day as long as the Boost is available. Some of the high dollar Boosts go away after you use them, the 15% off WalMart Boosts disappeared after I used it once.

If these places with Boosts are places you patron already, you can save money with Boosts. For first weekend, I used my Cash Card on Lidle for grocery and Walmart for necessities. I saved $7.50 in Walmart and $0.29 in Lidl. I was very happy with CashApp with Boosts. It is a good and fast way to save money.

How to fix losing WIFI connection problem?


I replaced my old AT&T router with an Arris BGW210-700 router last month. Since then, my computers constantly loses WIFI connection and then they re-connected in about a minute. That was fine for working on Word document online. But it was painful to watch a movie or work via VPN.

Here is my router’s hardware information:

Root Cause

The old router did not have this problem. I suspected there was channel interference in my house. Arris BGW210-700 has channel automatic selection feature that it can jump to a new channel. Normally this is a good. However, if there are other devices in the frequency range that can change its channel as well, this becomes a game of changing channels. Computers lost connection while BGW210 jumps channel.


After you access the BGW210-700 web page, you can go to its WIFI page and check for Channel setting (circled below). The default is Automatic. Click on the button “Find Best Channel” and record the new channel selected that shown on the top of the page. Click “Find Best Channel” button for twenty times and pick the channel that is selected the most. Then change the Channel to the most selected one and save it.


After switched off the “Automatic” Channel option and used the most selected channel (channel 6 in my case), I was able to watch two movies without WIFI dropping connection at all.