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A Cheaper Roundup Alternative

Back Ground

I have been using Roundup for more than ten years to control weed in my lawn. It works well. However, the price of Roundup is high. Recently, when I browsed Walmart’s garden section, I noticed the Eliminator brand Weed and Grass Killer. Upon close inspection, it has the same ingredients as Roundup […]

Square’s Cash Card Boosts are Great!

I learned about Square’s Cash Card Boosts when I researched Square. The Boosts gives the Cash Card user instant cash, Square pays the Boost amount to the seller and the Cash Card user pays the remaining portion. Some of the Boosts are as high as 20%. This deal is too good to pass. So […]

Why it is good to learn Python?


Recently, I recommended that my kid to learn Python because I think it is good for a kid to know some basic computer programming. Specifically, I think Python is a good language to start.

According to (, Python is the #3 computer programming language. The top 10 most popular computer programming languages […]