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How to inflate an yoga ball?

Yoga ball was inflated different than other balls such as basket-ball or beach ball due to its valve design. It took a while to figure it out. Here is how to inflate it:

1. Pull the air valve plug out with a pliers. 2. Inflate the ball. 3. Re-install the valve plug.


Break Even Analysis of Medical School Education

Introduction A recent article on Money mangzine listed the 20 highest-paying jobs in America. Seven of the top 10 jobs are in medical field. Here is the list:

Rank Description Median Pay Top Pay 1 Anesthesiologis $290,000 $393,000 2 General Surgeon $260,000 $412,000 3 Emergency Room Physician $250,000 $368,000 4 Obstetrician / Gynecologist $210,000 $313.000 […]

US Government Puts Health Insurance Pricing on Line


It is mind numbing and time consuming to find individual or family health care plan. There are hundred’s of options and most of them do not provide details until you call the insurance company.


To help company and individual to solve this problem, Department of Health and Human Service put thousands of insurance […]