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How to fix losing WIFI connection problem?


I replaced my old AT&T router with an Arris BGW210-700 router last month. Since then, my computers constantly loses WIFI connection and then they re-connected in about a minute. That was fine for working on Word document online. But it was painful to watch a movie or work via VPN.

Here is my […]

How to solve “/bin/sh: … Permission denied” Problem?


I use a cron job to run a script to backup my files every day at 4:00 AM. It worked well for years. However, when I moved to Ubuntu 10, the cron job stopped working. Error message stated “/bin/sh: 1:/home/sa/backup/backup.script: Permission denied”. The script file ran well if called from command prompt.


It […]

How to Delete all mails in Ubuntu mail?


Cron job creates lots of mail in Ubuntu. It is too time consuming to delete manually.


Send nothing to the user account in mail. Example below clear all mails for root.

cat /dev/null > /var/spool/mail/root


How to delete all local mail from a system account?