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How to fix 2004 Toyota Sienna door popping noise?


The 2004 Toyota Sienna developed popping noise in driver side door around 110,000 mile. Every time the driver side door opened to 75%, the door made a popping sound and the door jumped to full open. This was annoying and dangerous. Research showed this was caused by broken door check weld. Without fixing the […]

How to reduce wireless router interference


Almost everyone uses wireless routers now. The wireless router interference can be heavy if you live in an apartment with neighbours just a wall from you. Newer routers use channels to set their communication frequencies. Most wireless routers default to channel 6, which makes traffic around channel 6 extremely heavy. It is better to […]

My experience with switching to Comcast Xfinity Broadband

Background ComCast Xfinity is one of major broadband service providers in Atlanta area. Attracted by their advertised broadband speed of up to 25 mbit/s and low price of $49.99/month in the Internet/Voice deal, and the thirty days money-back customer guarantee, I decided to switch from U-Verse to Xfinity. I could keep my U-Verse account for […]