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Recommendation for Visiting Cancun, Mexico


A group of friends with some 9-12 years old kids will visit Cancun in November. After some research, I found some interesting recommendation. If any reader has better ideas, please share them by using the comment area below.

Cancun Weather in November

Temperature in Cancun in November is between 68 low and 80 high. […]

How to Escort Elder or Foreign Visitor to Airline Gate with an Escort Ticket


If a passenger needs help to get to an airline gate, such as an elder person or a foreign visitor who does not speak English, it is better for a family member or a friend escorts her to the gate. But without a valid flight ticket, TSA does not allow any person pass the […]

Atlanta International Airport (ATL)


Atlanta International Airport with airport code ATL is the busiest airport of United States. It is huge with six concourses. Counting from the check in counters, the six concourses are Terminal T, Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C, Terminal D and Terminal E. Terminal E is the international concourse which handles all incoming international […]