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What M60 Phasor diagram should look like for Open Delta-Open Delta PT Connection?


General Multilin M60 is a motor protection relay. It also provides information on motor energy consumption and trouble shooting. Motor phasor diagram is a quick way to verify M60 wiring. If M60’s potential transformer (PT) and current transformers are Wye-Wye connection, voltage phasor diagram can be viewed as phase to ground voltage or phase […]

What EPM7000 Phasor diagram should look like for 2CT Delta Connection?


General Electric’s EPM7000 power quality meter is used to monitor power consumption and power quality. EPM7000 generates phasor diagram. If the wiring between the line and meter is standard Wye-Wye, Delta-Delta or Delta – Wye connection, the phasor diagram is easy to read. However, the phasor diagram is very confusing on 2CT, Delta connection. […]

How to show different time phasor diagram with oscillography data in Viewpoint UR Engineering?


Oscillography and phasor diagram are two powerful tools to troubleshoot power issue in GE Viewpoint UR Engineering. After you load an oscillography, you can click on the Phasor button (circled in red in the picture below) to turn on the phasor diagram. There is a green line, which ties to the phasor diagram with […]