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How to add or delete a task in iFix?


iFix task is a list of programs to run when iFix starts up. Default setting works in most case. However, sometime it is necessary to customize the task list for a system.

Add or delete a task in iFix

Modify a task is easy if you know where it is. The task list resides […]

How to solve iFix Alarm Summary Overflow?

Problem iFix shows error message “Alarm Summary Overflow” at start up as shown in the picture below.


Typical iFix 5.5 installation defaults alarm queue to 100. Which can be too small for a median size system with potentially hundreds of alarms. The solution for this problem is to increase the alarm queue to a […]

How to pull information from a selected row in iFix alarm summary object?


Pulling a selected row information in iFix Summary Object seem impossible. There are just several events in that object. However, with some codes, it can be done.

Code to pull information frow a selected row

Alarm Summary Object’s GetSelectedRow method can pull information out from the selected row.

Sample code below:

Private Sub AlarmSummary_Click() […]