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How to show different time phasor diagram with oscillography data in Viewpoint UR Engineering?


Oscillography and phasor diagram are two powerful tools to troubleshoot power issue in GE Viewpoint UR Engineering. After you load an oscillography, you can click on the Phasor button (circled in red in the picture below) to turn on the phasor diagram. There is a green line, which ties to the phasor diagram with […]

How to load different Ocillography in GE Viewpoint UR Engineering


GE Viewpoint UR Engineering program can store multiple oscillography records. There are ten records in the device as shown in the picture below. You can load any one of these ten records to troubleshoot your system. Or use these records to check phasor diagram.

Steps to Load oscillography records

Get on line with the […]

How to view Phasor diagram with Viewpoint UR Engineer’s Oscillography?

Phasor diagram is a very useful tool to check voltage and current sequence for three phase motor. General Electric’s Viewpoint UR Engineer offers additional capability of phasor diagram with oscillography.

After the oscillography is ran, engineer can open the osillograhy and click on the phasor diagram button (circled in the picture below). A phasor diagram […]