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How to Change Adept Robot Motion Block-10?

Adept Robot Motion Block -10 (MB-10) is new amplifier for Adept Robot’s motor. It has external EEPROM to store calibration data (right hand of picture). So replacing a MB-10 amplifier is much easier than older models. However, there are eight connectors for the motion block. They should be dis-connected outside of the amplifier before […]

What is Run/Hold Button on Adept Robot T2 Pendant

The Run/Hold button on Adept Robot’s T2 Pendant allows operator to run and pause application code. Application code runs when the run button is held. Application code pauses if the button is released. This is useful for trouble shooting a system. However, operator can not run the code continuously after that.

To run the […]

How to Move Adept Robot Manually with T2 Pendant?


Sometime operator needs to move Adept Robot manually, such as tech robot some target points or move the robot after E-Stop. It is easy to do if you know how.

Steps to move Adept X/Y/X Robot Manually

Touch “Mode” button on T2 pendant from home menu. “Joint” option is selected in manual control mode. […]