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How to use CompactFlash card to Up Grade ControlLogix Firmware?


New ControlLogix shipped with older firmware from factory. If your application use newer firmware, you need to upgrade the system’s firmware. You can use ControlFlash to upgrade firmware. Or you can upgrade firmware from RSLogix5000 download. However, the best and fastest way to upgrade firmware is through CompactFlash card.

How to use CompactFlash card […]

How to Upgrade 1747-SDN DeviceNet Scanner Firmware


Allen-Bradley SLC5/xx PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has been in the market for more than twenty years. Some only systems have old firmware, which do not support newer feature. 1747-SDN DeviceNet module is SLC5/xx’s gateway to DeviceNet. Firmware 3.00 and below does not support newer features of DeviceNet. However, its firmware upgrading procedure is different […]

How to Enable DeviceNet Pass Through in Allen-Bradley 1746-SDN Module?


Allen-Bradley DeviceNet Scanner for SLC supports DeviceNet pass through with firmware 4 and above. DeviceNet pass through is a convenient way to configure and debug DeviceNet. However, only 1746-SDN module with firmware 4.0 or above supports pass through (see article on how to upgrade 1746-SDN module’s firmware). Programmer should also set up the M0 […]