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How to Save Project Communication Path in RSLogix 500 Application File?


Occasional RSLogix 500 users want to use “Go Online” to get online with Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC) instead of using the more complex “Comm” menu to select the controller.


Anyone who saves the RSLogix 500 application can instruct RSLogix 500 program to save the project communication path with the application file […]

How to setup Allen-Bradley 1770-KFD DeviceNet Driver?


Need to Setup Allen-Bradley 1770-KFD communication driver to get online with DeviceNet.


Connect computer’s RS-232 port to 1770-KFD hardware box

AB 1770-KFD Hardware Box

Connect 1770-KFD hardware box to DeviceNet network through DeviceNet connector

AB 1770-KFD Connection at SDN module side

Select DeviceNet driver in RSLinx and then select […]

How to troubleshoot basic Ethernt network Problems


Your computer can not access some Ethernet resource. You want to know where is the problem.


There are two easy commands you can use to figure out about 80% of basic Ethernet network problems, ipconfig and tracert. Here are steps to access them and their usage.

Click Run in the Start menu