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How to Use WonderWare Client to Monitor Tag Value?


WonderWare is a popular human machine interface (HMI) program used on plant floor. It is easy to use and powerful. However, it can be hard to trouble shot programming error without tap into its tag values. WonderWare offers WonderWare Client as a tool for programmer to peek into tag values.

Step of Using […]

How to create Dynamic Formula in Excel to Read WonderWare Tag Values?


WonderWare is a widely used Human Machine Interface (HMI) in manufacturing floor. However, it can be hard to debug due to its lag of debugging tools. The problem can be worse if programmer uses dynamic tag. On way to see tag values is using DDE in Excel. For dynamic tag, Excel VBA can be […]

How not to Resize WonderWare Intouch Application


If you open an InTouch application in a computer with different screen resolution, InTouch wants to resize all screens. This makes application screen in target computer looks terrible.


You can add a new line in application’s InTouch.ini file (location in application directory) to tell InTouch not to scale screens as shown below. […]