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How to fix 2004 Toyota Sienna door popping noise?


The 2004 Toyota Sienna developed popping noise in driver side door around 110,000 mile. Every time the driver side door opened to 75%, the door made a popping sound and the door jumped to full open. This was annoying and dangerous. Research showed this was caused by broken door check weld. Without fixing the […]

Is Nissan Leaf a good deal for Georgian?

Atlanta was the #2 market for electric car in America, second only to San Francisco in 2013, according to Atlanta Journal and Constitution. There are a lot of Nissan Leaf cars on Atlanta’s streets. Leaf owners boast that Leaf is a good car. Nissan Leaf has 100 miles range per change. If ones daily driving […]

How I fixed my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant Heater Problem

My 2002 Mitsubishi Galant’s hot air worked fined until some snowy days last month. Since then, it only blowed cold air. It was terrible for winter. I decided to fix it. As my standard operating procedure, I Googled it to see how hard for me to fix the problem my self and some estimates of […]