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Walmart App that Saves Time

Ever frustrated looking for item in Walmart? You saw the item before but you just can’t find it. Or you are not sure what the price is of the item you pick up in the shelf. Walmart solves both problems with elegant. You can search an item, Walmart shows you which local store has […]

Atlanta Lawn Care Program

Lawn Problem

I used a national lawn chemical company to treat my weed for more than 10 years. General speaking, it did an OK job. However, this lawn chemical company slipped off in last two years. Blue Grass (POA Annua) took over my lawn this year. I asked them to retreat again and again […]

Is Costco a good money saving choice for a small family?

Costco is a warehouse club. It boasts that it does not have minimum mark up on their product. It seems like a good warehouse club to save money. However, I was cold to the idea – there are three members in my household. Costco’s packages are too big for us, for example, pork packages […]