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Is Costco a good money saving choice for a small family?

Costco is a warehouse club. It boasts that it does not have minimum mark up on their product. It seems like a good warehouse club to save money. However, I was cold to the idea – there are three members in my household. Costco’s packages are too big for us, for example, pork packages […]

How to use Google Drive for off site backup

Important of off-site backup

Any good computer system administrator knows the importance of backup. The best method of backup is off-site backup so eggs are put into different basket. If whole site is destroyed such as fire or earth quake, one can recover critical files from off-site backup. But cost and accessibility to backup were […]

How to Choose Right Bridesmaid Dress Patterns

After finishing the most important thing-choose your wedding dress, you should consider the matter about what your girls wear in your big day. Wedding is a big and memorable event in one’s life. So every detail shouldn’t be neglected. In other words, you should make everything extremely perfect. What’s more, you should satisfy your girls […]