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How to use Google Drive for off site backup

Important of off-site backup

Any good computer system administrator knows the importance of backup. The best method of backup is off-site backup so eggs are put into different basket. If whole site is destroyed such as fire or earth quake, one can recover critical files from off-site backup. But cost and accessibility to backup […]

How to Choose Right Bridesmaid Dress Patterns

After finishing the most important thing-choose your wedding dress, you should consider the matter about what your girls wear in your big day. Wedding is a big and memorable event in one’s life. So every detail shouldn’t be neglected. In other words, you should make everything extremely perfect. What’s more, you should satisfy your girls […]

Summer Wedding Ideas

through August is the number one most popular time of year to get married, and for good reason too. Summer weddings are full of sunshine and warmth, and allow you to get married outside in good weather. Take full advantage of the season and all it has to offer you when planning your summer wedding […]