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Why it is good to learn Python?


Recently, I recommended that my kid to learn Python because I think it is good for a kid to know some basic computer programming. Specifically, I think Python is a good language to start.

According to (, Python is the #3 computer programming language. The top 10 most popular computer programming languages […]

How to reduce wireless router interference


Almost everyone uses wireless routers now. The wireless router interference can be heavy if you live in an apartment with neighbours just a wall from you. Newer routers use channels to set their communication frequencies. Most wireless routers default to channel 6, which makes traffic around channel 6 extremely heavy. It is better to […]

How to reduce data usage by 90% in Netflix?


Some Internet Service Providers (ISP), such as Comcast, put data caps on subscribers’ account. If subscriber uses more data than the cap, ISP charges subscriber more money, which could be expensive. Netflix is one of the heavy users of data. A setting change can reduce Netflix data usage by 90%. If Netflix is viewed […]