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How to connect to remote MySQL Server


MySQL is a powerful database server for most users. The best part, it is free for personal user. However, if you need to connect multiple computers to one MySQL database server, it is not straight forward. I went through some troubles to get it to work. I found out that MySQL’s old default was […]

How to backup MySQL Database

Problem Need to backup the MySQL database for safe keeping on backup server.


To backup Database You can use MySQLdump in linux to dump the database into a SQL file for safe keeping in other backup server. The command is in the following structure:

mysqldump -u username -p password databasename > output_file_name


mysqldump […]

How to move WordPress to another Domain

Problem Move WordPress blog from one domain to another domain. After moving all the wordpress files and database, all the blogs still pointed to the old domain.

Solution Need to change two entries in the wordpress_options table in wordpress database: option_id 2 – siteurl and option_id 39 – home. Change both of them from old_domain […]