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How to create subtotal in Excel 2010


Adding subtotal is a useful feature in Excel 2010. It is easy to do as well,

Steps to add subtotal in Excel

Raw data should have some common relationship, such as date and category in sample data below. Sort data on the category for subtotal with Sort command in Data tab Go to data […]

How to display data from other Excel file in Excel 2010?


There are multiple ways to pull data from one Excel spreadsheet to second Excel spreadsheet. It is up to Excel file author to decide which way to use. Present here is a way to pull data through external source data. External data source gives users control on when to update External data.

Steps to […]

How to pull data from Oracle to Excel 2010?


How to display Oracle data to users without Oracle interface software? Most users have Excel 2010 installed. Excel 2010 can pull data from Oracle for display.

Steps to setup Excel to pull data from Oracle

Click on “Data” tab in Excel and select “From Other Sources” in “Get External Data” ribbon group. Select “Other/Advanced” […]