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How to protect range with password in Excel 2010?


Sometimes author wants certain users to input data into Excel spreadsheet. However, other non-authorized users should not change data in the Excel workbook.


Excel 2010’s range protection uses password to prevent un-authorized change to file. Here are steps to set it up.

Select cells that authorized users can change Click “Allow User to […]

How to add block comment and uncomment, bookmarks and other tools in Excel VBA tool bar


Excel VBA is a capable tool to automate Microsoft office applications. Several powerful tools are not on default tool bar and they are not easy to find, such as block comment, block uncomment, indent, outdent, and various book mark tools. It is easy to add them on the default tool bar.

Ways to add […]

How to convert month in text format to date in Excel?


How to convert month in text format such as “Feb” or “February” to Excel acceptable date?


Excel provides month function. However, it errors out when it is used as =month(“Feb”). The trick is adding 1 to the end of the text so the formula becomes =month(“Feb” & 1). Excel takes month function accepts […]