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Why it is good to learn Python?


Recently, I recommended that my kid to learn Python because I think it is good for a kid to know some basic computer programming. Specifically, I think Python is a good language to start.

According to (, Python is the #3 computer programming language. The top 10 most popular computer programming languages […]

How to display Adobe Reader file with Visual Basic for Application (VBA)?


It is nice to show PDF file in VBA application, such as Excel. There are not many documents on how to do it. After two days, I figured out a way to solve this problem


Microsoft provides a web browser control in standard VBA. It can be used to display various files, such […]

Which version of Visual Basic was used to create the Project?


Need to find out which version of Visual Basic was used to create the project so it can be modified.


Visual Basic Solution keeps its version number in the solution file.

Find Visual Basic Version in .sln file

Microsoft names it Visual Basic versions as below:

Visual Basic .NET (2002) (VB […]