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How to enable remote log in in Windows 7


Windows 7 supports remote log in. However, it defaults remote log in to disable. In order for user to use the computer remotely, it should be enabled. This is easy to do.

Steps to Enable Remote Log in

Log in as an Administrator and go to Control Panel and select System

Click on Remote […]

How to use Google Drive for off site backup

Important of off-site backup

Any good computer system administrator knows the importance of backup. The best method of backup is off-site backup so eggs are put into different basket. If whole site is destroyed such as fire or earth quake, one can recover critical files from off-site backup. But cost and accessibility to backup were […]

How to automate moving files to local Google Drive?


Google automatically synchronizes files in the Google Drive directory on local computer with the cloud. However, any files not in the Google Drive folder is not backup. A network drive is used to store files such as photo folders from different users. Spaces are used in folder name, such as “G:\Pictures\2003-03 Trip to Disney […]