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How to enable remote log in in Windows 7


Windows 7 supports remote log in. However, it defaults remote log in to disable. In order for user to use the computer remotely, it should be enabled. This is easy to do.

Steps to Enable Remote Log in

Log in as an Administrator and go to Control Panel and select System

Click on Remote […]

How to map network drive in Windows 7

Mapping network drive in Windows 7 is easy, right at the start menu:

Follow on screen instructions to finish it.

How to setup Windows 7 for automatic login at startup?


Un-man Windows 7 computers should login automatically at reboot so they can perform their assigned tasks after lost power.


One can use Windows 7 provides an Advanced User Control Panel to accomplish this.

Access the netplwiz.exe program by typing netplwiz in search box or click it in C:\Windows\System32 Uncheck user must enter a […]