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How to pass communication port from Windows 7 to Windows Virtual PC?


Some older software is not compatible with Windows 7. The software can be run in Windows XP in Windows Virtual PC. However, problem arises when older software needs to access communication port such as RS-232 port.


Physical ports in Windows 7 can be mapped to Virtual PC.

Make sure that communication port […]

How to add Automatic configuration Script for Internet Access in Windows


Some companies want to control internal computers’ Internet access. If any internal computer is not configured to use Automatic Configuration Script, it can not access the Internet

Steps to Add Automatic Configuration Script

You need to obtain automatic configuration script location either from your network administrator or from a working computer (see steps below) […]

How to Set and Show Environment Variables in Windows?


Environment variables are variables maintains by operating system. You can use it at multiple places to make some settings short.

Ways to Set Environment Variables

The easier way to set environment in Windows is through Control Panel -> Advance -> Environment as shown in picture blow. You may need to reboot computer for the […]