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How to construct a mirror wall


A wall of mirror is good for dancers to check their posts and also good for body builders to verify their posts. It is easy to build and you can save hundreds of dollar comparing to professional installation. If you are careful during the installation, the final look is as good as professional installation.


How to Replace Window Insect Screen

Problem: My insect screen was damaged by falling objects. It looked terrible. The completed window screen assembly costs around $26 while the replacement screen was only around $6.00. It looked easy to install. So I decided to replace it myself.


Purchase the replacement screen, spline pushing tool and some screen spline in case you […]

Better way to Wire a light with Two 3-way Switches

I wanted to turn on/off a light from both ends of a hallway. My contractor would charge more than $100 for it. Being a cheap guy (and love to learn new stuff), I decided to wire it myself.

Standard 3-way switch wiring: I knew the theory from middle school that I would need three wires […]